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Masters Degrees

After years of studying, Masters Degrees in your chosen field can creep up on you with no warning at all! Are Masters degree courses the way forward - do you know what's involved and are there Masters Degrees that you are qualified to take on - or even in the field you are interested in?

Masters Degree courses build upon your Bachelor's degree and are often a prerequisite for progressing to a Doctoral (PhD) programme of study. MSc Masters degrees, for example, are available in a number of scientific fields, whereas Arts (MA), Chemistry (MChem) and Law (LLM) are amongst the other 14 types of course available.

Employer's look favourably on the skills required for completion of a Masters, such as intellectual ability, motivation, commitment, research and critical and analytical thinking. You are also expected to be more control of your own pathway to learning and research (having just worked hard in your first degree!).

Why Masters Degrees?

Why would you be entertaining an MSc Masters degree or an LLM / MChem? Read our quick list below to see which one applies to you :

  • Further your knowledge in a chosen area, or even to change your specific specialist knowledge to focus on a particular career
  • You have to have an MA or MSc for entry into profession that you are wanting to work in
  • You want to supercede your first degree marks/attainment with a hard-earned Masters which woudl hepl you qualify for Higher Education in the form of PhD's
  • You want to get a UK qualification in a specialist field to help you get a job in the country where you live or on an International Stage.

So there's an obvious on missing there you may be thinking? Do not take an MSc or MA to put off working in the real world or just to give yourself time to work out what you really want to do. They are expensive, demanding and will not make you happy if that is your sole reason for undertaking.

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»  MA - Master of Arts
»  MArch - Master of Architecture
»  MBA - Master of Business Administration
»  MEd - Master of Education
»  MEng - Master of Engineering
»  MFA - Master of Fine Art
»  MLitt - Master of Letters
»  MMus - Master of Music
»  MPharm - Master of Pharmacy
»  MPhil - Master of Philosophy
»  MRes - Master of Research
»  MSc - Master of Science
»  MSt - Master of Studies
»  MTh - Master of Theology

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