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Demand for masters degrees rising

Have you recently seen about the demand for masters degrees is rising? It seems more and more undergraduates are either delaying work, or there really is a genuine jump in demand for carrying on the learning process. Either way, more competition in the field is leading to less grants and funding requests being 100% fulfilled.

Universities are reporting a sharp increase in the number of applications for masters degree programmes. It appears the recession is aiding the increase, with many people building up their qualifications to help them improve their career prospects and an increasing number of people being made redundant returning to study.

Bristol University has seen a 28 per cent jump in applications for postgraduate courses. Times Online also reports that Durham Business School received 20 per cent more applications this year compared to last year.

With an increased demand for courses it is worth noting that courses will become fully subscribed quickly. However, be careful not to jump on a course quickly just because there are still available places. Do your research, such as what you will learn on the course and how this will benefit your career. Also consider how well regarded the course and institution is (for example, see our list of the top 10 places to study for a Masters of Laws).

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