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Masters Degrees - grades

Unlike bachelor degrees, a Masters Degree is graded as a pass or fail - you either have a Masters Degree or you do not. Depending upon the university, some may be graded with a distinction if the student achieves excellent results in all assignments.

Like a bachelor degree, most universities will require at least 40% to pass yor Masters Degree. Some however, and increasingly those that see themselves as more 'redbrick' universities, will require 50%. An average of at least 70% (not necessarily in all assignments - some may be just below) is likely to guarantee you a distinction if this is recognised at your university.

Why is this important to understand? Unlike your BSc or BA undergraduate course, your Masters Degree is designed to develop your skills of learning and research. Therefore, a quick reasoning appliued to this means - you have either learned that - or you have not. Therefore, grading the Masters Degree can be as black and white as that (with the exception of the Distinction).


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