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Masters Degree

For many a Masters Degree is not the first thought that corsses your mind when ou finish your undergradute degree. The cost, the year's extra studying and still living like a student are all factors for some. However, a Masters Degree can help you to focus your knowledge, enhance job prospects or even help you to decide whether academia and PhD's are for you.

A Masters Degree can be taken in a wide range of subject areas - which leads to the distinction between all the types like MSc, MA, MEd et al. Below we have given you a full list of each type of Masters Degree you can take so that you can find out more about that particular subject area.

Whatever your chosen area, you need to look at fundung as well as whether you have the heart for it - it's a lot of self motivation required and all your Uni mates will probably be on the career ladder with money to spend. The rewards can be excellent as can the chance to change direction in any future career through choosing a different area of specialism from your undergraduate course.

Abbrv More Info
LLM Master of Laws Master of Laws degree
MA Master of Arts Master of Arts degree
MArch Master of Architecture Master of Architecture degree
MBA Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration
MEd Master of Education Master of Education degree
MEng Master of Engineering Master of Engineering degree
MFA Master of Fine Art Master of Fine Art degree
MLitt Master of Letters Master of Letters degree
MMus Master of Music Master of Music degree
MPharm Master of Pharmacy Master of Pharmacy degree
MPhil Master of Philosophy Master of Philosophy degree
MRes Master of Research Master of Research degree
MSc Master of Science Master of Science degree
MSt Master of Studies Master of Studies degree
MTh Master of Theology Masters of Theology degree

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