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Master of Architecture - MArch

The Master of Architecture degree is a professional degree that allows an architecture student to begin to move through accreditation steps such as exams, internship, apprenticeship, and other levels that eventually result in the official award of a license.

There are several different types of MArch degrees that can be achieved, which take various routes of study to achieve given the difference in program requirements, which is why many times Master of Architecture degrees are given out with distinctions ,such as I and II to identify which type a recipient holds.

Previous degrees held by those attempting to receive a Master of Architecture degree and previous academic studies, also play a role in what type of MArch degree is awarded at the completion of study.

Students can also get a Master of Architecture by taking a five year professional vocational program, at which point they may be awarded a MArch, depending on which institution they attended the program at. Other students decide to pursue an additional three year program after their original undergraduate program, which will give them a Master of Architecture degree, due to the fact that it allows them to become instructors.

Most of the time courses that are included in a Master of Architecture degree include architectural history, building science, structural engineering, design, professional practice, theory, and a combination of elective courses that are offered at the university at which a student plans on getting their MArch.

Students who do not already have an extensive amount of experience before entering into a course of study for their Master of Architecture will usually also have to study physics, calculus, strength of materials, studio, statistics, and building science classes, as a prerequisite to taking the more directed classes.

Before choosing what university to attempt a Master of Architecture degree at, students should consider how they want to focus the use of their degree, since there are three different ways that a school will approach the course of study, artistically, historically, or technically. Most schools will not tell you upfront how their MArch courses are focused, but this is something that you will need to approach by reading about other student's experiences.

At the end of the course work for a Master of Architecture degree most schools will require that a student complete an architectural thesis in order to be awarded the degree. Depending on the university, the MArch examination may be written or in project form.

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