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Master of Business Administration - MBA

The MBA or Master of Business Administration degree is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees that are sought after in the educational system. Due to its popularity it is almost a requirement for all business school students who wish to advance in the managerial ladder, since the absence of an MBA will hold back your advancement due to the high level of competition in the business world.

One unique aspect of the Master of Business Administration degree, and perhaps partially the reason for its popularity, is the fact that it is only a one year program that requires a specialized business focus on management, in the module classroom setting.

Course work includes lectures, examinations, and seminars that are all focused on business skills. Once successfully completing the modules and either a project or dissertation, a student is awarded their MBA degree.

In order to attend university as a post graduate student seeking a Master of Business degree, another degree must be earned in the undergraduate setting and applicants must have at least two to three years of experience in the business world, or equivalent experience.

In the UK, MBA courses are regulated and accredited by the Association of MBA's, which receives international recognition. The organization also offers exclusive membership for all students that complete their MBA work.

One of the benefits of pursuing a Master of Business Administration in the UK is that many universities will accept three year Bachelor's degrees for acceptance into the MBA programs. Since an MBA only takes a year to complete, this means that in four years a student can hold their Master of Business Administration, while other concentrations may require up to six years of study (four undergraduate two postgraduate) before a master's degree is granted.

The UK is famous for its Master of Business Administration degree support, with over fifty management programs offered at universities throughout the UK. However, admission standards may differ from university to university, as well the focus of their MBA programs. So it is important to explore all options thoroughly before deciding which MBA program will best fit your needs.

The most important aspect of acceptance into any college in the UK for a MBA is work experience, as almost every college will require management experience in the workplace of at least three years, with only a handful allowing direct admittance.

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