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Master of Education - MEd

A MEd is the abbreviation for students who wish to pursue a Master of Education degree. This degree is an academic postgradute degree that is handed out to postgraduate students who wish to continue their education in the literal field of education. Most of the time a student who is striving for their Master of Education is studying administration, curriculum, and instruction, or counselling. Additionally, most students who pursue their MEd are instructors in the education field who wish to advance.

In order to complete a Master of Education students should expect to complete one year of module work that is composed of both lectures and seminars, and a culmination project at the end of the degree includes writing a dissertation. While it is possible to complete a Master of Education in one year, many people take two years since they work at the same time and only attend courses as a part time student. Students who do not want to make the full time investment towards achieving a MEd also have the option of taking diploma, or certificate programmes in education.

One interesting facet of the MEd is that at many institutes the class work is similar to class work that is included in a Master of Arts degree, thus once completing the course work some students have the option of choosing between a Master of Education degree and a Master of Arts in Education degree.

Usually in this situation, the type of career that you plan to work in will determine which degree label is best suited for your interests. For this reason, you must be careful in choosing which university to attend for a Master of Education degree, to ensure you graduate with the title you want.

Before approaching a MEd most universities in the UK will require that you have already completed a bachelor's degree in a similar line of study, or at least have status in the UK as a Qualified Teacher, with two to three years of experience teaching.

Before choosing where to study for your Masters, you also must be careful to choose an institution with the focus area that you intend to work in, as mentioned before, whether that be curriculum or instruction, counselling, or administration, since not every university will offer courses directed at your interests.

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