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Master of Engineering - MEng

The MEng is a Master of Engineering degree that is available to those in the field of engineering who complete either a professional or academic course of instruction that in most cases requires four years of coursework, although it varies at different universities. Thus, students should look closely at the institution they are thinking of attending before simply signing up for a Master of Engineering degree, to ensure they choose the proper curriculum.

Unlike most masters' degrees, the MEng is an award for undergraduates instead of something that is reserved for people that want to continue their studies in postgraduate school. However, in most cases a MEng award is given after a five year course of study, instead of the traditional four year study that many people pursue when they head to a university.

When studying for a Master of Engineering award most course work is instructional, but the final year is dedicated to research, or to a thesis statement, or project, although the work is not equivalent to a post graduate qualification unless attending a specialty university. If this is the type of qualification that you are looking for, it may be best to research the university you choose to pursue your Master of Engineering degree at before enrolling.

There are also many universities that offer a four year program for a MEng degree such as Brunel, Cambridge, Imperial, and Oxford but they do have a special provision for those who want to leave their studies early or attempt to finish studies in three years. Schools that have this option also make a BEng degree available for those who are not able, or willing, to complete all the work that is required for a Master of Engineering degree.

For those who do want to pursue their Masters as a second postgraduate degree there is such a provision at the Open University but a BEng must be completed in full before a student is able to enrol. Additionally, students must have completed their first degree within at least two years in order for a MEng degree to be sought after.

In order to become a chartered engineer it is now required in the UK that a student complete their Masters, which is also when an Engineering Council Postgraduate Diploma. Thus, it is necessary to complete a MEng at some point in order to be a certified engineer in the UK.

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