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Master of Fine Arts - MFA

The MFA is a Master of Fine Arts postgraduate degree that students can acquire after two years of study, on average. It can be earned after a bachelor's degree is completed and is usually desired by those who study in the areas of theatre/performing arts, creative writing, visual arts, and filmmaking.

Unlike other postgraduate degrees, the MFA Master of Fine Arts degree is generally composed of coursework that is applied, such as written work, or in a performance, with one large performance or piece or work completed at the end of the study, which is used in place of a thesis statement.

One thing unique about obtaining a MFA is that while most of the time you will need a bachelor's degree before you can pursue a Master of Fine Arts it does not have to be in the same area of study or field as a MFA. However, in order to be approved for the completion of a Master of Fine Arts course of study, students usually are required to complete an audition or portfolio, or other works, depending on which field you anticipate on focusing your Master of Fine Arts degree on.

Many people confuse the MA with the MFA, but there is one major difference that separates the Master of Fine Art degree from a MA degree. The MA focuses on academic study or a critical study of the elements that compose a field; while on the other hand, the MFA is focused on one practice in a field that the student chooses.

In fact, it is due to this particular high degree of focus that the Master of Fine Art degree is often considered a terminal degree, which means that it is the highest type of degree that can be achieved by those who study in the fine arts.

However, in order to emphasize the link between the academic background of the Fine Arts, and the actual performance nature of a MFA degree, many universities have implemented Ph.D degrees that can be attained after the completion of a Master of Fine Arts.

This is in order to supplement the learning and education that is acquired at this level. In the most practical sense of the Fine Arts field, this is the highest degree that one needs to attain in order to open their full field of choices within their given field.

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