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Master of Music - MMus

The MMus is the Master of Music degree which is awarded to students of music conservatories and universities during post graduate studies. It is the first postgraduate degree that is offered to students of music, and includes a specific focus by the student, such as conducting, music performance, or composition.

Generally speaking, the Master of Music degree usually involves a specific academic course of study, with a heavy concentration in course work on music pedagogy, music history, or music theory. If taken on a full time basis the MMus usually takes anywhere from one to two years to complete, although the growing trend for graduate students is to attend school part time while working in the professional world, so it may take longer.

The Master of Music degree is usually completed by students who are thinking about becoming conductors, professional performers, or composing as a career. It is also undertaken by those who wish to teach music at the collegiate level, since a Master of Music is required as a credential in order to be considered for a college, university, or conservatory career in instruction.

One interesting aspect of the MMus degree is that it is often a more applied study than a text book course of study, with most students assigned a professor to act as a mentor and for lessons, alongside courses that deal with their chosen area of specification. Most of these core classes focus on music history and music theory.

Additionally, depending on where a student attends university for a Master of Music degree, they may be required to choose a second specialization in a particular music area such as performance or history that compliments their main focus area. In certain circumstances and at certain universities a student is allowed to choose their sub-concentration in an area outside of the realm of music if it will aid them towards reaching their academic or professional goals.

In order to be awarded a Master of Music degree, at the end of the two year program a student most complete a performance. As well as a set of exams proving their mastery of both classroom instruction and musical instruction. Additionally, some of the more reputable universities that offer this degree will also require students to lecture during their recitals, and explore the history and background of the pieces they have chosen to perform.

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