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Master of Research - MRes

The MRes degree is only available in the UK and Ireland for students that want to take a postgraduate degree to prepare them for doctorate level research in several different academic subject matters. Although the common name for the degree is the Master of Research degree, it can also stand for a Master's in Research of a Master's by Research depending on what university a student chooses to attend. However, despite the title each of the different variant for the MRes, the degree means the same thing.

There are two main differences that separate MRes courses from other master degrees that are offered at the postgraduate level. The first difference between the Master of Research and other master degrees is the fact that the dissertation carries a heavier weight than in other majors. The second difference is that there is less time spent in modules during a course of study for a Master of Research degree.

Another difference is that since MRes are focused for students who wish to obtain jobs in the research fields in their professional life, the thesis for most Master of Research degrees must have about 60% content that comes from a project performed by the student during their studies.

In some cases at certain universities, a student who starts to begin a Doctorate course of study for an Engineering degree can obtain a Master of Research of degree if they choose not to fully complete the Doctorate studies after the first or second year.

In order to receive the Master of Research degree in this situation the student must have attended enough modules that are applicable toward the MRes, and also have enough work to create a dissertation and thesis statement. For the most part this is the case after at least two years of Doctorate study.

In the case that a student obtains a Master of Research instead of completing their Engineering Doctorate, the degree is similar in ranking to an MPhil, which is also given out in replacement for the entire course work that is required in a Doctorate program.

Despite the replacement ability of the MRes as a lower degree in place of the PhD, most students who do enrol in the MRes program do so in an effort to increase their chances of receiving a professional research job, with the possibility for advancement in the future.

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