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Master of Theology - MTh

The Master of Theology degree otherwise known as an MTh is a degree awarded to students by universities with divinity schools. To those who pursue an advanced theological research degree as part of their studies of divinity. The Master of Theology is often confused with a Master of Theological Studies, or a MA, but the difference is that these degrees are not specialized, while the MTh degree is highly specialized.

The Master of Theology degree is exclusively offered to students at the post graduate level, and is usually offered to students who have secured a Bachelor of theology, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. It is often pursued by those who want to go on to do further research in the field of theology, or as a requirement in order to teach Theology at the collegiate level. The Master of Theology degree can also be used by those who are considering a career in librarianship.

While the rules for acceptance into a Master of Theology course can vary from university to university, in order to be accepted into a MTh course of study at most universities, students must have completed some type of honours work in their Bachelor of Theology, or a suitable equivalent.

During the coursework for the one to two year Master of Theology program, a student is required to choose a supervisor who will help guide their understanding and application of research, as well as complete a certain amount of class time that is split between lectures and seminars. Students are also expected to be able to demonstrate applied knowledge, as well as write a thesis dissertation during their final year, at which point the Masters of Theology degree is awarded.

Due to the trend for most graduate students to only attend part time while seeking experience in the professional world, it is now common for students to take four years to complete their Master of Theology degree, but at most schools five years in the limit, so students must carefully pace their school work to ensure that they stick within the posted guidelines.

There are many different focuses that can be chosen for an MTh degree, but some of the most common are philosophy, historical theology, theology in general, and spirituality. More specialized concentrations include ethics and science, feminist studies, and various world religions placed in perspective with organized Christianity.

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