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Master of Arts - MA

An MA stands for Master of Arts, which is a postgraduate degree that is pursued by academics at the postgraduate university level. Some of the most common concentrations in which people receive a Master of Arts degree in return for further intensive studies include Fine Arts, Theology, Social Sciences, and Humanities. In Scotland divinity is also an area of study for which students can receive the Master of Arts.

In order to obtain a Master of Arts degree students usually have the choice of completing steady outlined self-guided research that is expressed through a thesis paper, or through an extensive amount of post-graduate level instructional classes. In some cases students who want a MA degree participate in both types study, until they culminate enough information to be granted the Master of Arts.

Although most of the time students most complete a course of study, write a thesis statement, or complete some type of examination to be awarded the Master of Arts degree, certain universities are exceptions to the rule. For example, after a certain number of years of study are completed at Dublin or Cambridge the Master of Arts degree is awarded. Also, an exception to the rule, in Scotland all undergraduates in the arts receive the MA after their first year of study.

Typically, however, students who want a Master of Arts will need to complete one to two years of study in the classroom, pass an examination, and compose a short dissertation. There is also an exception in the case of law study, where in certain lines of study instead of being awarded a Master of Laws a student may win the award of an MA instead, or in addition to the Master of Laws.

In the past, most Master of Arts degrees were handed out without any special distinction or class grades; however it has now become the trend for MAs to be graded with two distinct categories of either Fail or Pass. There is also an honours category for those who excel while completing their masters, called pass with distinction.

Achieving a MA when the course of study is theology is slightly different given that a student is gearing up for a life in the ministry. In this case the Master of Arts degree is sought after for those that want to enter directly into a church ministry group, and does not require as many hours.

Shortly we will list a top 10 for Universities where you can study for a Master of Arts (MA).

Wherever you choose, you will need to work hard, study long hours to get the real rewards of this postgraduate qualification.


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